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    About Us

    <p>Fujian province Changle City Futai printing and dyeing Co. Ltd., located in Fuzhou Changle industrial town Jinfeng Industrial Zone, 45 kilometers far from Fuzhou City, Fuzhou Mawei Port 25 kilometers, Panasonic deep-water port 30 km, 15 km away from Fuzhou Changle International Airport, geographical land sea and air to form the modern three-dimensional traffic network extending in all directions, extremely convenient.</p><p>The area is Chinese warp and weft knitting and cotton textile productio...

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    Shishi more than 60 printing and dyeing limited production more and more stringent emission limits or approaching the end of October 2017!

    In 2016, Shishi for printing and dyeing industry, is also an extraordinary year quiet



    Warehouse stop notice

    The company will be held on 11 January to stop into the warehouse.

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