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Shishi more than 60 printing and dyeing limited production more and more stringent emission limits or approaching the end of October 2017!

Recently, Shishi printing industry association secretary general Wu Guangyu a bit busy, some time ago, after repeated and Hongshan ThermoElectron Corporation consultations, and ultimately determine the Spring Festival holiday period, the maintenance time for steam turbine and piping arrangement. 22, 2009, also convened a meeting of all members of the knitting group, arrangements for the deployment of the Spring Festival and other matters.

In 2016, Shishi for printing and dyeing industry, is also an extraordinary year quiet.

Energy saving and emission reduction in the forefront of the country

In 2016, for the printing and dyeing industry, is a very careful of the year, is the first dye a rise in the price, and then the printing and dyeing enterprises are shut down, from Zhejiang to Guangdong, a road sweep.

Of course, Shishi also failed to avoid the influence of raw materials skyrocketing and dyeing shut down.

Since August 21st, Shishi three major industrial areas of environmental remediation ushered in more than 60 printing and dyeing. As of now, still in the emission limit, limited production status, the sewage treatment plant is still in the reconstruction. November 16th, the Shishi government issued the "Shishi printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant management system and operating mechanism reform implementation plan". According to the plan, the printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant management system and operation mechanism reform is divided into four stages: the transition period of supervision, the implementation of the company's equity restructuring, speed up the transformation of the standard, the establishment of cost negotiation mechanism.

3 January 2017, limited row index shrink again, capacity compression, Shishi a printing and dyeing enterprises received an emergency notice to change the cloth time ahead of the holiday.

It is understood that the relevant departments and units in Shishi has sent staff before October 30th were stationed in the 3 printing and dyeing wastewater treatment plant to carry out the work. In the equity restructuring after the completion of the sewage treatment plant construction program according to the public demands of raw sewage treatment plant upgrading and expansion necessary, and strive to put into operation before the end of October 2017.

In fact, the new industrial park development cycle Shishi dyeing printing and dyeing industry already took the lead in the country built coal-fired boiler without chimney. Bao, Wu Bao, Jin Shang three dyeing set controlled area to achieve full coverage of central heating, 62 enterprises in 111 enterprises of coal-fired steam boilers are all eliminated; Shishi carried out a medium temperature and medium pressure steam to replace coal-fired thermal oil furnace heating setting machine for the pilot, took the lead in the domestic implementation of medium temperature and medium pressure steam control to set the region centralized printing and dyeing enterprises heating.

This year, Shishi three printing and dyeing industrial control district dyeing and finishing enterprises bid farewell to the era of coal, involving 75 coal-fired thermal oil furnace, 34 printing and dyeing enterprises of the 40 chimneys all out and continue to implement the demolition. In March 2016, China Textile Industry Association expert group to carry out research on energy saving and emission reduction, China Shishi dyeing and printing industry, printing and dyeing industry association Chen Zhihua said, Shishi dyeing and finishing industry first in the country to the end of coal-fired boiler era, energy saving and emission reduction work in the forefront of the country.

Government attaches importance to enterprise self-discipline

In the promotion of energy-saving emission reduction work, Shishi issued "on the implementation of the Quanzhou city to promote the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing industry a number of opinions" on the implementation of the views of "support shoes and apparel textile industry transformation and upgrading across the development of" several opinions "to encourage corporate mergers and acquisitions and a number of opinions" and other support policies of dyeing and printing enterprises. Put the emphasis on technical innovation of dyeing and finishing enterprises promotion, organize the printing and dyeing enterprise production equipment to identify, check, strengthen technical guidance, eliminate backward production capacity, vigorously promote the use of air flow dyeing, small bath ratio, high efficiency and CNC generation intelligent printing machinery and equipment, key support:

The new Xiang Hua Hengxiang dyeing and finishing, dyeing, weaving, dyeing and finishing Hongxing textile dyeing and finishing enterprises Wan Fung Shing introduction of high temperature and high pressure high speed and low bath ratio dyeing machine, double hydraulic energy-saving inverter air flow dyeing machine, pilling machine, Dongyang iron and resin shaping technology, computer machine and other advanced production technology level;

Support longxinglong dyeing and weaving industry Co. Ltd. introduction Caidie series type 200 bar rotary screen printing machine;

Sanyi weaving dyeing Co. Ltd. introduction fast nylon digital ink-jet printing machine;

Dingsheng Textile Dyeing Co. company introduced digital energy saving clip mercerizing machine;

Hong Kong Dyeing & finishing Weaving Co., Ltd. to introduce online monitoring system, intelligent information technology and production capacity has been greatly improved.

At the same time to promote the application of transfer printing, printing cold cold dyeing spray printing dyeing and a number of advanced technology, Hongxing ammonia mercerizing project annual output of up to 300 million yuan.

In order to ensure the long-term stability of the user with the steam, Hongshan ThermoElectron Corporation will be carried out outside the heating pipe two units and routine maintenance in the factory during the Spring Festival, January 16, 2017 (nineteen 1 point stop outside the twelfth lunar month) for medium and low pressure steam, February 10th (the fourteen) low pressure steam recovery steam supply, February 11th (the fifteen) medium pressure steam for the steam recovery.

Printing and dyeing industry official said, the Shishi Hongshan power plant for steam pipeline maintenance routine, or have a certain impact on the printing and dyeing enterprises shishi. Shishi for printing and dyeing industry has basically used in low pressure steam cogeneration power plant. According to the previous case, the earliest in the printing and dyeing enterprise holiday festival (the twelfth lunar month, the sixteen year-end party) is the latest in January 21st (the twelfth lunar month 24). Coincides with the New Year approaching, and the printing market this year is generally not optimistic, pale Wang clear, orders have come fierce, anxious go. But the beginning of the year. The general textile fabrics have the active stockpile, adequate preparation for next year's supply and demand, so the printing and dyeing enterprises, there will be a short season "". Overall, Shishi thermal power plant steam stop with a wide range, or have a certain impact on the printing and dyeing industry.

The quality and efficiency of transformation and upgrading

A printing and dyeing company official said, the president of China dyeing Association Chen Zhihua said in Shishi research, printing and dyeing "is not equal to the pollution, people of India

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