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<p>Vision of the company is committed to become the world&#39;s leading supplier of coating materials and Application Technology</p><p>On strategic positioning</p><p>The company is committed to become a world-class production enterprise development, comprehensive resources and the advantage of the integration of business, technology, service, management and culture construction, customer service, customer service quality -- production and development as the core of the organization, the implementation of optimal quality based competition strategy, realize the company to become the domestic industry giants share the highest domestic market share and has a strong international competitiveness of strategic objectives.</p><p>On staff training</p><p>Companies adhere to the &quot;to Germany for the first, the best&quot; principle and the use of people management philosophy; &quot;identification with company, self identity and harmonious&quot; as employees of shared norms formed with &quot;equality, justice, democracy, innovation&quot; as the basic connotation of &quot;organizational ethics, professionalism, communication and self-discipline&quot; as the basic connotation leading public opinion, enhance their sense of responsibility, communication and coordination skills, promote team spirit, to achieve the development of &quot;enterprise development&quot; the goal of human resource management.</p><p>Our dream is</p><p>In order to &quot;bring progress to the industry&quot; and &quot;join hands to create and share the results&quot; as the core, to build a cooperative enterprise, science and technology enterprises, innovative enterprises. Strengthen the organization construction, improve the organization efficiency, activate the organization, activate the staff. The production of first-class products, provide first-class service, the first class brand, first-class talent training, to create first-class enterprise, first-class contribution.</p><p>Our guiding principle is</p><p>The &quot;people-oriented, honest&quot; business ethics and &quot;leading technology&quot; of the scientific spirit, for the progress of the industry, to create value for society, contribute to the nation, and strive for staff development and well-being, to provide quality technical services and high-tech products to customers, promote the customer development.</p><p><br/></p>

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